Preparations for this special season have already begun! To ensure that your orders are shipped before Christmas day, it is essential that you meet all the deadlines. Avoid constraints by anticipating your orders.
DreambooksPro orders
DreambooksPro orders with urgency fee


NOVEMBER 23rd - All DreambooksPro orders
NOVEMBER 30th - All DreambooksPro orders with urgency fee


Deadline extension: If you need to extend the deadline for placing an order to after November 23rd, you can do so by paying an urgency fee, this will extend the deadline to November 30th.
Urgency fee: For DreambooksPro orders the urgency fee will be disabled from November 16th until November 23rd.
Note: During the Christmas campaign, the urgency rate is used to ensure that your orders arrive by the deadlines and does not represent a reduction in production time.
Orders Payment: Your orders must be placed and paid up to the dates mentioned above to be valid for shipment before Christmas. All payments made by bank transfer are only considered valid after the proof of payment has been sent within the deadlines to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Orders will only go into production after confirmation of payment.
Flexible Production Times: The usual production times for orders placed after November 16th may be missed, but will be assured again for orders placed from January 16th, 2024 onwards.
Repairs: Product repairs will not be carried out between November 24th and January 16th, 2024.
Showcase and Starter Kits: From November 16th until January 16th 2024 no showcase orders will be produced.
Order grouping: From November 16th until January 16th 2024 it will not be possible to make order grouping requests.
Important: Orders placed after the stipulated dates will not be guaranteed to be shipped before Christmas Day.

Thank you for your understanding

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