UP Combo Box

UP Combo Box is the highest example of product's creativity. Without forgetting the classic wood rims and the linen coating, this combo box stands out for the range of storage options it has. Besides the usual album, prints and USB flash drive compartments, the Up Combo Box also has a small tray that adds even more magic to the product, where you can store a guest book, for example.
This is undoubtedly, the perfect option for lovers of creativity, innovation and audacity. A unique option.
The sustainability behind the products. Help us improve this product.
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Unbeatable quality

Building details

Range of choice



Timeless design
  • (cm)
  • 30x30 - Single + Pen
  • (inches)
  • 12x12 - Single + Pen

Distinctive styles


Exclusive materials


  • Linen
Made of natural and organic fibres, Linen is the most sustainable option among all coatings, from their planting to their colouring, being the right choice for the soft touch lovers. It has neutral and smooth colours. Due to the robustness of its fabric, it provides excellent resistance to the final product. Perfect for customers who value natural products.

A single product


Satin Ribbons

An option where is added a satin ribbon to the front and back cover that allows you to make a loop to close the album. An elegant detail that will give it a special touch.

UV Printing

Through the combination of an ultraviolet light printing system and special inks, this is a process that guarantees high quality and durability to the personalisation. It is an eco-friendly process that allows you to choose from a wide range of colours.

For special occasions

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