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Catalogue & Kit Showcase

Sample Box
Coatings for all tastes
A small box where you can store a selection of coatings. Use it to help your customers decide between colours and textures.
Coatings Catalogue
Diversity and quality
This is a catalogue presenting small samples of the coatings, constructed in such a way that it is easy to present and transport.
Wooden Boards
Spectacular woods and colours
A set of small plates with laser engraving, that allow you to present the textures and colours of woods.
Paper Catalog
Printing on quality papers
A tool that allows you to compare textures and colours between different types of paper.
Printing test
Personalised Printing
Print or develop your images in high quality and on different types of paper. Select the one that best suits your photographic style.
Fragrance Minibook
All available fragrances
With the fragrance minibook you will be able to present the different scents that we have at your disposal to personalise the core of your albums in an elegant way.

High quality coatings

Sample Box


There is a wide range of coatings available, you can choose from leather, synthetics, linens, cotton and even velvets. Each coating has several colours at your disposal allowing combinations for all tastes.


With the Sample Box present only your selection of favourites among all the coatings available, filter the information for your customer and guide them to find out which one they like most. Samples are available in 4x6in format and can include up to 20 samples of different coatings.
Sample Box

Diversity and quality

Coatings Catalogue

Coatings Catalogue


Each coating provides a range of different colours and finishes. We prepare an individual catalogue for each coating, with samples of all available colours, details and its main characteristics.


Sort out the coatings, selecting the ones you like to work with the most, present only the ones that best match your brand and meet the tastes and interests of your customers.

Outstanding woods and colours

Wooden Planks


Present the high quality and different tones that exist in our woods. We offer small sample planks for you to add to your display.


The wooden planks come in 4x6in and all are laser engraved. Choose from the 4 different wood tones available: light, pine, nogal and dark wood. Present to your customers the possibilities that this option offers and discover the quality of each piece together with its details.
Wooden Planks

Customised showcase

Print Tests


The best way to see how your images will print on our equipment is to use the printing tests. Upload your photo in 20x25 size and choose the type or types of paper that best suit your photographic style. Receive a test with your photo printed on all the machines used in our production, in 20x30 format, and find out all the results.
Printing Tests
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