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Highlight your work with a high quality and long lasting printing. Fuji DPII photographic paper is known for its clear and smooth printing. A silver halide colour photographic paper specially designed for professional purposes. Photographic printing is a technique where the photosensitive paper is exposed to light and developed with the help of photographic chemicals. A great paper for saturated colour prints. It is characterised by its thickness and wide colour range of maximum density.
We have several options available within the photographic papers, such as Lustre, Silk, Pearl Metallic and Velvet. For the lay-flat albums, you can choose between thicker sheets of 800gr or thinner sheets of 400gr, these only available for Lustre and Silk paper. Lustre paper is the one that offers more personalisation options, where it is even possible to add fragrances to the sheets. This is the most chosen paper by professional photographers, it is the right choice to preserve unique moments captured by your lens.
Photographic Paper

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photographic paper options

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    Lustre photo paper has a smooth surface, produces high quality prints and exceptional sharpness, which makes it excellent for professional use. Available in 400gr or 800gr.
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    The matte finish has its smooth texture. It offers excellent image stability, the widest range of colours, maximum density for deep blacks and surprising saturation. Available in 400gr or 800gr.
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    With a very high gloss smooth finish, its protective layer is less sticky, provides extraordinary precision and vibrant colour reproduction. Ideal for high exposure images. Available in 400gr or 800gr.
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    Enables the highest level of image stability, with high saturation vibrant colour reproduction and purer whites. It is known to be highly resistant to scratches and fingerprint marks. Available in 400gr or 800gr.
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    Pearl paper has a unique pearl appearance with iridescent silver outlines. Its base is thick and highly rigid. The pearl shaped crystals reflect a high gloss effect, especially under the light. Available in 800gr.
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    With a deep matte finish, its surface is smooth and velvety. Velvet has an anti-reflection film that highlights colour reproduction, white purity and exceptional image stability. Available in 800gr.

paper types

FineArt Paper

It stands out for its high quality printing, sharp colours, sublime contrasts and high depth images, for unique artistic finishes.The Hahnemühle Photo range of papers offers the best printing results and is excellent for photographic prints, posters and albums and is also very resistant over time. Studio Enhanced paper offers an extra soft texture made of 100% cotton.
The Hahnemühle quality certificate ensures that your printing is made according to FineArt standards, committing to excellence your printing. FineArt is printed with controlled temperature and humidity, it is also acid and cellulose free. Hahnemühle papers are extremely resistant, guaranteeing their quality for hundred years.
FineArt Paper

paper types


Made for digital offset printing and bookbinding, the press papers highlight the original beauty of images. Printed with HP Indigo technology, which guarantees high-quality printing, these papers are less porous and ensure more accurate colours. They are available in different paper types: True White, Tintoretto Gesso and E-Photo Luster.
Available in a smaller grammage of approximately 300gr, they are similar to book sheets, yet they offer great durability. This is the right choice for photographers looking for thinner albums or those with a larger number of sheets and a good price/quality ratio.
In this type of binding, there is a Layflat variant that allows the album pages to open completely and remain flat. This is one of the most widely used types of binding when it is necessary to view both pages without it being affected by the curvature of conventional binding. In this type of binding, there is only a slight spacing between the pages so that the album can be flipped through normally.
Press Paper

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  • Press Paper Options


    It stands out as one of the best papers for professional printing, suitable for high definition images. It has an extremely white, smooth and not very porous surface. Available in 300gr.
  • Press Paper Options


    A high quality and resistant paper, a great choice for almost all types of prints, stands out especially for stable images with deep colours. It has a light macro-porous texture. Available in 300gr.
  • Press Paper Options


    E-Photo paper range is ideally suited for high quality photo prints, provides higher contrast, saturated colours and accurate photo reproduction. Available in 300gr.
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