Layout measurements
Before starting the layout, check the measurements for the format you have selected. The files should be created exactly in these measurements, as they all include a safety margin of approximately 0.5 cm(Fineart = 0.8 cm) around the spread. The templates available for download include guides that demarcate this area.
Templates download
Within the help menu, on the Downloads page, templates (in .psd format) for core layouts are available for download as well as masks for creating images for all customisable accessories. It is of utmost importance to respect both so that the printing of your product comes out as desired.
You can download any template or mask here.


  • Square
  • Horizontal
  • Square
  • Square
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Square
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Square
  • Square
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal


  • 6x6 cm
  • 9x6 cm
  • 8x8 cm
  • 10x10 cm
  • 10x12 cm
  • 12x10 cm
  • 10x15 cm
  • 15x10 cm
  • 12x12 cm
  • 12x16 cm
  • 16x12 cm
  • 14x14 cm
  • 15x15 cm
  • 12x18 cm
  • 18x12 cm
  • 14x18 cm
  • 18x14 cm


  • 9,8x5,9 cm
  • 17,3x5,9 cm
  • 15,7x7,8 cm
  • 19,6x9,8 cm
  • 19,6x11,8 cm
  • 23,6x9,8 cm
  • 19,6x14,9 cm
  • 29,9x9,8 cm
  • 24,0x12,0 cm
  • 23,6x15,7 cm
  • 31,4x11,8 cm
  • 27,5x13,7 cm
  • 29,9x14,9 cm
  • 24,0x18,1 cm
  • 35,4x11,8 cm
  • 27,9x18,1 cm
  • 35,4x13,7 cm

The difference lies in the details

Layouts and safety margins

Before starting the layout check the measurements of the format you have selected as well as its orientation, the correct positioning of the images is essential so that no unwanted margins or over-cut images appear in the print. If you want to have images that have a white border all around you should leave a white border between the image and the guide, on the other hand if you want the image to fill the whole area, it will have to occupy all the free space, including the cutting margins. When occupying the whole area you should follow the indications as illustrated in the image beside and described in the point "Safety margin".
Safety Margins
The templates available for layouts in all available measures, already include all around guides with approximately 0.5 cm(Fineart = 0.8 cm) as safety margin, what is outside these guides is called "Bleed" and if necessary can be cut. Do not place people or objects within the area of the "Bleed" that could distort the direction of the image if they are cut, you can check the correct way of drawing a layout on the image beside.

Colour Profile

Colour profile and resolution
It is important to use the correct colour profile when preparing your files to ensure that they are well interpreted by the equipment. The profile you must select to comply with our machines is the sRGB IEC61966-2.1, which must be embedded in the image file in Photoshop. The files must be created in RGB mode at 300 dpi's and recorded in JPG, with quality 12. You can access the templates here.
Ensure accurate colours
Colour quality in printing is one of the highlights of photographic work, so we use the most advanced technology in professional printing so you can have perfect colour in your work. However, in order to achieve greater colour accuracy, in addition to using the right profile, it is necessary to calibrate your screen. To do this, you can use colour sights or print tests to ensure that what is displayed on your screen is as close to the print reality as possible. The colour crosshair is available in the download area.
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