5 ways to enhance your albums through personalisation

9 march 2022

All photographers have a frequent dilemma: how to surprise and impress their clients, standing out from their competition? There are numerous ways to differentiate your work and today we're going to give you a precious tip that we're sure you haven't thought of yet!

Few photographers consider personalising the core of their albums as a way to stand out and add even more value to their work, yet this is an excellent way to innovate and show your clients a tailor-made solution!

Personalise the core of your album according to your clients' tastes and preferences and make it unique and exclusive.

Read our article and find out 5 ways to personalise your albums with small details that make all the difference.

1. Personalise the core with Gilding

Add a luxurious touch, gold or silver, to your album!

The first personalisation that we present to you is one of our most luxurious finishing techniques. It is a customisation worked by specialised craftsmen and results in the addition of a decorative and protective lining on the edges of the album. This solution was developed to satisfy the most demanding customers with a unique and elegant final finish!

Now, you can also surprise your customers with an album where the edges of the leaves are covered in gold or silver, and leave the simplicity of white behind. Bet on a luxurious, exclusive and sophisticated finish.

2. Add Fragrance to the album

Is anyone able to deny the importance of smell in remembering good memories?

We have another customisation that will delight your clients! Choose to add a fragrance to the pages of your album and awaken the positive feelings of your clients, offering them an even more special experience as they flip through the memories you've captured!

Choose between lavender or mustela essence and offer your client a scented product that is sure to inspire them to share your work!

Please note that fragrances are only available for Lustre paper cores.

3. Add a spread of tracing paper

By adding an exquisite spread of tracing paper to the album, you'll give it a new life and awaken a feeling of pure elegance! And do you know how you can make it even more special? Choose to personalise the tracing paper with a customised print. For example, you can include your logo on the sheet of tracing paper and make sure that every time your customers share their album, your brand is there! 

The translucent effect of the print is a personalisation that helps to tell a story, highlighting the most important details that add value to the product.

4. Select customised guards

Delight your customers with your customised guards!

Adding personalised guards to your albums is a great way to start and finish the album, surprising your customers with the variety of materials and textures that we have available.

So that you can stand out from your competitors, we offer you three materials to customise the guards of your albums, with various textures and colours.

This is a great way to make a good first impression, allowing your customers to feel a special touch when opening and closing their album.

5. Surprise with a Matte or Shine protection

Do you prefer a Matt or Glossy finish to make an impact on your clients?

You can personalise the core of your album with a thin layer of varnish, added after printing.

By using a matt finish, you make your album firmer and give it a softer feel to the touch. This is the ideal personalisation for customers who want to give their album a matte touch.

If you choose to personalise the album with a thin layer of varnish that gives it a glossy finish, you will make your album firmer and shinier. This is an ideal solution for customers who like to make their layout more appealing.

These are some of the most original ways to personalise the core! Start adding value to your work with these details in your next orders and get ready to surprise your client.

Order your album with your favourite personalisation now!


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