Wedding Concept: Learn how to make your wedding sessions more profitable

7 April 2022

The wedding day is a very special occasion and as such all those involved deserve to be able to remember it. If you are a wedding photographer and want to offer a more complete solution that sets you apart from the market, this article is perfect for you!

Our Wedding Concept is a special selling strategy that we developed to enable you to get the most out of the wedding day. The focus is on offering the bride and groom a complete solution that allows them to reward their most special guests with personalised photo gifts, making your offer even more profitable.

We have a wide range of solutions perfect for all the individuals who are part of this very special moment, and we want to help you take advantage of them to become more profitable.

From the dating session to the wedding proposal, from the ceremony to the post-wedding, don't miss any opportunity to make your business profitable and to offer a unique follow-up to your clients.


The dating session/ engagement session is a special moment that most couples feature in the preparations for their wedding. Therefore, it is an excellent way to start monetising your work by offering an album to record the love and spontaneous moments that precede the big day.We have a wide range of solutions perfect for all the individuals who are part of this very special moment, and we want to help you take advantage of them to become more profitable.

Tuscany Collection + White Collection


The Great Day has arrived and every moment must be captured to be remembered later by everyone present. To make your work more profitable and offer more value to your clients, you cannot forget some of these products.

  • Album + Box
    An album and box allow your client to remember their special day and store their amazing photos.

  • Pen + Pen Box
    For couples who value video, we have the ideal solution. With the Pen and Pen Box it becomes much easier to save every detail lived on the wedding day. The bride and groom will be able to review their day anywhere and anytime and, above all, share your work with all their loved ones.
Contemporary Collection + Platte Box + Caribe Plus USB Box + Woodland Pen

  • Second Album
    Second albums are used to complete the main album by including a series of moments and details recorded on the wedding day. Allow your clients to remember the day in its entirety and surprise them with the most beautiful moments that didn't make it into the main album.

  • Guest Book
    There are several ways to preserve the beautiful memories on your wedding day. One of them is through the Guest Book, which can add a touch of originality to the wedding. The purpose of this Book is to allow all guests to leave a small dedication to the bride and groom, through an elegant and distinctive product.
Second Album + Guest Book


The Wedding Day is not just about the bride and groom! There are a series of special people who come together to celebrate the couple's happiness and who often also receive a personalised gift to remember the day.

  • Replica Albums
    The Replica Albums are the definition of the word sharing. The parents and godparents have a very active role in the ceremony and in the life of the bride and groom. Traditionally, they are elements that always receive a special gift and the Replica Albums are excellent souvenirs for the bride and groom to share the most special moments of the great day.

  • Mini Folios
    There is nothing better in life than enjoying it with friends, and therefore, best friends also deserve a special souvenir. The Mini Folios are a simply delightful option. A small souvenir with capacity for 10 photos that will leave the bride and groom's friends dazzled.
Replica Albums + Mini Folios


  • Print Boxes
    Print Boxes are the perfect solution for your clients to store their photos in a special way. A stunning photo set that highlights the wedding day photos and at the same time impresses the couple.

Caribe Print Box + Glass Print Box + Grove Print Box

Don't miss the opportunity to make your customers' day even more special and to make your work even more profitable. Add special products to your offer and ensure that the great day is remembered forever, not only by the bride and groom, but also by all those dear to them.


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