Elopement Wedding Photography – The Changes in Wedding Photography with Elopement Weddings

20 july 2022

The wedding industry is continuously striving to recover from the after-effects of the pandemic. But many couples today are turning away from high-stress traditional style weddings. With those gazillion things to stress and think about in wedding planning, couples are diverting their interests towards smaller ceremonies.

Elopement is a hot wedding trend for those who do not fancy grand celebrations. These might seem like a blow to your guests but the connotations are changing. Elopements are meaningful and special. But as times are changing, elopement photography trends are transforming too. So, I’m here to tell you where things are currently at.

Why Elopements?

The coronavirus has changed our lives entirely in the last two years. It has transformed how we see, meet, view, and embrace people. It has changed how we socialise, find entertainment, and travel and has trickled into every industry, including weddings and wedding photography. Couples and families are apprehensive about larger parties. For this reason, elopement weddings are a great direction to go. But why elopements?

  • Because less is more       
  • You feel true to yourself  
  • They’re beautiful and adventurous     
  • You can save up for a bigger after party
  • Can spend time with your loved ones
  • Soak in every moment of your intimate ceremonies 
  • Better reflect your style and values
  • Get more time for your elopement wedding photography

If you are a couple who doesn’t thrive on social interactions, elopement might be for you. If you enjoy being around just your favourite people, we would say an elopement will definitely be the best choice.

Weddings are a milestone event, and you get a ton of memories to create and cherish all your life. It is crucial that you make the best decision for yourself and enjoy every minute of it.

Elopement Wedding Photography

The wedding photography industry and many others went downhill when the global pandemic hit. But with so many couples wanting to take their vows and skip larger festivities, elopement wedding trends took off the stage.

The situation motivated photographers to explore the micro-wedding movement. We started getting queries from couples who decided to elope rather than cancel their big day altogether.

Couples didn’t really care much about bigger celebrations. It was more about embracing the union than entertaining the guests. Initially, elopement ceremonies meant young lovers fleeing away to get married as they couldn’t have their family’s approval – much like the Romeo-Juliet style but less tragic!

Today, when to-be couples feel the stress of wedding planning, they choose to escape or elope. But it is more like running away and not wanting all the fuss of a big wedding. Couples now choose to elope not because their parents don’t approve but because they’re placing more interest in themselves and their marriage.

Eloping is an intimate affair, so much that it can only be the two of you, your officiant, and the best elopement wedding photographer. In addition, elopement photography also looks a little different compared to big wedding photo sessions.

In larger gatherings, there is so much stuff to capture. You have get-ready shots, ones with the bridal party, and pictures with families. Photographers capture your vows, your emotions, and the reactions of those witnessing the wedding. There are group shots and so many interactions to capture.

Then there is elopement wedding photography. You have minimum guests, and the focus remains purely on you, i.e., the couple. It becomes more about capturing every moment the two of you share and the genuine love you have. By your side are the people who really matter to the two of you – no stress, no drama, more warmth and affection that ultimately reflects on your photos.

So, for those who value intimacy over grandiosity, elopement wedding photography seems exciting.

Elopement Wedding Venues

For many couples, eloping is like a trip to a secluded resort, winery, lighthouse, cliffside, ranch, private estate, seaside cottage, rustic barn, or a private beach. These locations make a stunning backdrop for your sweet ceremonies and photos.

The elopement wedding photographers capture that authentic wedding experience and picturesque landscapes while reflecting your love and relationship in every single moment. But, elopement photography has changed over time, and hiring someone who specialises in elopements is what you must look for.

Hiring the best team

If you know exactly where you are eloping to and simply want to say the vows, click a few pictures, and get back to your regular life, hiring any wedding photographer will do the trick. But if you really want that exquisite experience, include some adventure, and don’t have much idea about the location, hiring  photography pros is the way forward. After all, you wouldn’t hire a painter to sculpt; both are artists, but they specialise in their own skill sets.

Making the best memories

Any wedding ceremony has many different moments you’d like to remember forever and share with family and friends. Besides choosing the best elopement photographer to eternalize your wedding, you must also opt for a team of professional photographers that offer you the best quality in their albums and photographic products.

At my company, Matthew Sowa Photography, we believe that your elopement wedding pictures deserve so much more than you can imagine. We want you to spend time together and document every moment in real-time. We can also help you scout locations, know the outdoors, plan for the uncertain, recommend vendors, prepare the entire day’s timeline, and photograph you in the landscape without any one of you overpowering the other. Besides that, we offer the best selection of albums so you can forever hold onto your wedding memories.

Note: The couple in the pictures, Ashleigh & Max, arrived last April from Canada to get married in NYC.


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